Month: March 2020

News and stories from the team at TripTip

Italians Sing from Balconies and Wow the World

As coronavirus cases continue to climb in Italy, people are still under quarantine. In a sign of Italian solidarity, they have found a great way to pass the time. [...]

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Italy Declares Entire Country a “Red Zone”

Yesterday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed a quarantine on portions of northern Italy to slow the growth of the Coronavirus COVID-19. Today, Prime Minister Conte imposed the quarantine on [...]

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Pantheon in Italy

Italy Locks down 16 Million People in New Coronavirus Measures

Italy has been dealing with the Coronavirus COVID-19 for a while now. In an emergency 2:00 a.m. news conference, Italy has announced quarantine plans for much of the northern [...]

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See Northern Italy Behind The Scenes Coronavirus COVID-19

Here is a video that a member of our team took from downtown Verona in Northern Italy. Check out how the Coronavirus COVID-19 is really impacting Italy.  Check back [...]

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