Life is getting back to normal in Italy. After a long wait, most of Italy has been placed in the “Yellow” zone. This means that life will be back closer to normal after the extended COVID-19 restrictions of the past.

COVID-19 infections and deaths have been on the decline over the past month, with a total of 1,544 patients in intensive care in the hospital. In April, the government reinstated color coded areas to allow people to better understand the COVID-19 restrictions. These color codes are: White, Yellow, Orange, and Red, with the restrictions increasing with the color intensity. 19 out of the 20 regions in Italy are currently in the “Yellow” zone. The Veneto region around Venice will become “White” at the end of the first week in June. 

Restaurants will be allowed to serve customers at inside tables for dinner as of June 1 and reopened gyms on May 24. In the low-risk “White” areas only face masks and social distancing will remain required.

We are excited that things are returning to normal and are hopeful for the future!