Dual Citizenship = Freedom

Want more choice? How about the entire European Union and all of its countries?

You may be a European citizen without even knowing it!

Benefits for you, your family, and generations to come.

Free Education

Not only are the public schools great in Italy, the University degrees for you or your children are so affordable they are nearly free in comparison to Universities in the United States.

Let us help you experience the wonders of Italy and Europe.

Free Healthcare

Healthcare is available to all Italian citizens. The service is very high quality and is free or extremely inexpensive.

Also, the Italian healthcare system was recently ranked as the 2nd best in the world.

A Better Life

There are amazing attractions throughout Italy and Europe. Amazing adventures are only are a short train ride or plane ride away!

You will experience amazing food throughout Europe, particularly in Italy. The food is likely also more healthy than your current food. In Europe,  GMO restrictions are widespread. In Italy, 16 of the 20 regions have GMO-free agriculture.

Whether you have Italian heritage or not, you can be an Italian citizen and ultimately an EU citizen.


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