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Italian Citizenship by Marriage

Discover the Gateway to Your Italian Heritage

Embark on an enriching journey that connects you to the heart of Italy—not just as a visitor, but as a citizen. If your spouse is of Italian descent or if you’re married to an Italian citizen, a unique opportunity awaits you. Through our specialized legal services, we help U.S. citizens embrace their Italian heritage or forge new ties by obtaining Italian citizenship by marriage.

Imagine having the freedom to live, work, and study not only in Italy but across the entire European Union. Picture yourself sipping espresso in a quaint Roman piazza, exploring job opportunities in Milan’s bustling business district, or simply enjoying the serene landscapes of Tuscany. This isn’t just a dream—it can be your reality.

Italian citizenship by marriage offers a path filled with cultural enrichment, unparalleled access to European living, and a deeper connection to your spouse’s heritage. Whether you’re seeking to claim your place in your ancestral homeland or looking to immerse yourself fully in Italian life alongside your partner, we’re here to guide you through every step.

Our expert team specializes in navigating the complexities of the Italian citizenship process. We understand the nuances, the paperwork, and the legalities involved, making your journey to citizenship as smooth and straightforward as possible. With our support, you can look forward to celebrating your new status as an Italian citizen, opening up a world of possibilities for you and your family.

Unlock the door to your Italian future. Whether it’s through ancestral connections or the bond of marriage, let’s turn your aspirations of Italian citizenship into a living, breathing reality. Get in touch with us today for your FREE consultation, and step into the vibrant tapestry of Italian life. Your European adventure begins now.


Yes, you can potentially become an Italian citizen if your spouse’s ancestors were Italian through the process of Italian citizenship by marriage. If your spouse has obtained or can claim Italian citizenship jure sanguinis (by right of blood), and you meet the necessary marriage duration requirements set by Italian law (typically 2 years of marriage if residing in Italy, or 3 years if residing abroad, with reductions possible for couples with children), you may be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship yourself. The process involves a series of legal steps and documentation, including proving the Italian ancestry, the marriage’s validity, and your spouse’s citizenship status.

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First, understand that every family’s case is different. The process of being recognized as an Italian citizen varies depending upon the specific details of your situation.

In order to protect you, we perform a thorough research process on your case as the first step in the process. This helps us understand the complexities of your case. Based on our research, we provide you with an accurate, guaranteed price for the process.

  1. We perform a full research process for your case.
  2. We present you with the research findings.
  3. We consult with you on the best path forward for your family.
  4. We complete the work on your behalf.
  5. You are an Italian citizen! 

As you trace your Italian ancestry back to the person born in Italy (e.g parents >>  grandparents >> great grandparents, etc.) is one of your ancestors a woman? If so, you should still be eligible to be recognized as an Italian Citizen, but you need to contact us to discuss the details of the process.

Prior to 1948, Italian women did not have the right to pass on citizenship to their children. There are special procedures that must be followed to have you recognized as an Italian citizen. Contact us for details.

The Italian Consulates in the U.S. are authorized to process citizenship applications. Typically there is around a 3 year wait to get your first appointment and plan on an additional couple of years for the Consulate to process your paperwork. So, expect the Consulate process to take 5-7 years.

Note that you can not process a 1948 case via the Consulate. These cases can only be processed via the Italian Court System in Italy.

There are better options than using the Consulate. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, your spouse can become an Italian citizen once you complete the Italian citizenship process. After obtaining Italian citizenship through descent, marriage, or naturalization, you can apply for your spouse to gain citizenship as well. This process involves meeting certain requirements, including a period of legal marriage and, in most cases, a language proficiency test.

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The length of time varies, but this will typically be a several year process. The process changed in July of 2022 to include local jurisdictions, which may speed up the process. Plan on the document acquisition phase taking about a year, then the court process taking an additional 1-3 years.

We are not able to speak for the Italian government, but we guarantee that we will not stop working on your case until you are successful. In addition, we perform careful research at the start of the process to ensure your success.

Yes. We have offices in the U.S. and in Italy. 

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