Pantheon in Italy

Italy has been dealing with the Coronavirus COVID-19 for a while now. In an emergency 2:00 a.m. news conference, Italy has announced quarantine plans for much of the northern region of Italy. This lockdown covers around a quarter of the population.

The new measures demand that no one in the impacted regions can leave. The penalty for non-compliance is three months in prison or a large fine.

We are facing an emergency. A national emergency.​
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte
Giuseppe Conte
Prime Minister - Italy
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Other large gatherings have also been restricted, including the cancellation of funerals and cultural events.  The new measures requires all individuals to be at least one meter apart when in restaurants, churches, supermarkets, and other venues.

Italy currently has almost 6,000 patients infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is the largest concentration of infected in Europe. In the past 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases increased by 1,247. The total number of deaths is reported as 233. 

The current restrictions are in effect until April 3.